When $250,000 Isn't Enough (plus an intro to Masterworks)


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Would $250,000 a year be enough for you to "get by"? It wasn't for one early retiree. Today we're going to dive into income, expenses, priorities and bucket lists. Helping us today is a roundtable team of fantastic personalities. First, our special guest today comes from Revele Financial Group, Dawn Dahlby! From the Afford Anything podcast, we have Paula Pant, and Len Penzo joins in the fun from Len Penzo dot com!

What is the most expensive piece of artwork you own? Do you think you could ever own a Andy Warhol piece or a Monet? Well today, during our FinTech segment we'll share a company helping people do just that. Joe'll talk buying fractional shares of art with Scott Lynn, the founder of Masterworks.io. We'll discuss not only the types of art that newbies mistakenly buy, but also, liquidity, the long term returns of art, and more.

And finally, during our MagnifyMoney segment, we'll answer a question on whether you should take risks while you are still in debt?

As always, of course, we'll quiz our contributors with an epic game show question about The Beatles! How much did they receive for performing on the Ed Sullivan Show?

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