You CAN Have It All (with Romi Neustadt)


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Are you frustrated that your average day doesn't start out chasing your goals but instead reacting to everything else going on? Between kids, spouse or friends, and co-workers, how are you supposed to get ahead on YOUR agenda? Good news, today we chat with Romi Neustadt, the bestselling author of You Can Have It All...just not at the same damned time! We'll have an amazing conversation focusing on how to REALLY set goals that stick (hint: you don't start with goal setting), how to keep your priorities in line, and the key to focus like a laser on the things that are most important if you want to get everything possible out of life.

Plus, during our headlines, we'll examine some financial horror stories that very well could happen to you. Have you had some big changes in your life and haven't gotten around to updating your beneficiaries? While this may seem like something you can wait on, we're fairly certain today's ugly stories of people who put it off will make you jump on it sooner rather than later. Then, in our second piece, we're taking a broader view on "rules of thumb." Everyone considers the 10,000 steps a day mantra as a hard fact, but experts say there's a better goal you should have in mind. Being the savvy people we are (no eye-rolls please), we'll make some parallels to when people go wrong with financial rules of thumb.

During our Have Life Line segment we'll answer a question from Richard, who can't get happy hour off his mind. With plenty of birthdays he feels obligated to attend in the next couple of months, how should Richard balance out budgeting and social obligations?

And of course, we'll always save some time for Doug's trivia.

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