233: Why You Need To Stop Apologising For Everything


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Do you say sorry unnecessarily? You may think you re being polite, but over-apologising can be harmful to your self confidence and your effectiveness as a leader. In this episode, I share how apologies show up in our communication, and how to shift this habit. I want to give you PERMISSION to stop apologising and to start being more assertive and impactful in the workplace! Show notes are at www.thecmethod.com/233. This has been Episode 233 of the Stand Out Get Noticed Podcast with Christina Canters. Register for the upcoming FREE webinar: The Keys to Assertive Communication: https://www.thecmethod.com/freewebinar/ CONNECT: cc@thecmethod.com https://www.thecmethod.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinacanters ABOUT THE C METHOD: We help high performing professionals and business leaders achieve higher levels of confidence, influence and impact in the workplace through developing powerful speaking and communication skills. Learn more about The C Method coaching programs: https://www.thecmethod.com/coaching/ Book Christina to speak at your next event or industry conference: https://www.thecmethod.com/speaking/ The post Why You Need To Stop Apologising For Everything [Episode 233] appeared first on The C Method with Christina Canters.

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