Walt Interviews Chelley Canales – The ABCs Of Awakening


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Do you find yourself having material or professional success and still being unhappy? Find out how to find your true calling and the happiness that comes with it. Chelley Canales is an entrepreneur based in Denver, Colorado. She is the Founder and Spiritual Spark Plug of lighthouse/haven, a hub created to inspire, connect, and provide resources for awakening souls. She is a teacher, speaker, podcast/on-camera host, blogger, and author with a firecracker spirit in a form that can hardly contain it. After finally acknowledging the unrelenting whispers of her soul, Chelley accepted that she couldn’t keep walking a path that didn’t fit her soul’s calling. She knew that if she didn’t make a leap on her own terms, she’d be pushed off the cliff by circumstances beyond her control. In 2018, she finally said yes to herself in 2018. She left a traditional career path behind. She decided that the discomfort of jumping into her calling with no net was preferable to the familiar, unending ache of living a disconnected life. Since taking the leap, she realized her calling was much greater than simply following the trail to her purpose alone. Knowing that people were waking up in greater numbers than ever before in history, Chelley wanted to guide those who were just beginning to wake up. She chose to be the bridge between the world of spirituality and the seekers who may not know yet what they are looking for. Her mission includes creating content and providing support for the awakening community. She has written The ABCs of Awakening: A Dictionary for the Emerging Soul and contributed to When I Rise, I Thrive. Her interview series, Lighthouse Conversations with Chelley Canales, highlights awakening stories from different perspectives and can be experienced in both video and podcast form. Let lighthouse/haven provide a spiritual home for your fires of purpose to be ignited because there is no better time than now to live your best light.

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