The Real Inconvenient Truth

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The liberal, utopian mindset is an interesting thing. No matter the facts that might get in the way of their arguments, they charge forward convinced that they are the enlightened geniuses who have everything figured out. If for some reason stupid, backwards thinking conservatives would just get with the program and blindly follow them; then we could unite, solve the world's problems and achieve the utopian dream.

The basis of this is not necessarily liberalism; it is the belief in humanism: man's nature is good and if we just collectively become one, we can solve any problem and accomplish anything. (Does the Tower of Babel ring a bell?) Sadly, this same humanism is actually infecting the professing Christian Church--but we'll discuss that another day.

A cornerstone of the progressive movement toward a one world government is the alarmism and desperation we hear from the Left over climate change. Al Gore and others have made millions stirring up panic by claiming we are on the verge of world wide catastrophe if we don't stop using fossil fuels as energy. But is their theory based on scientific fact? Or is it just a scare tactic meant to manipulate and control people - and make them big money?

This morning we are joined by Dr. Roy Spencer who was a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA. His latest book is titled An Inconvenient Deception: how Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy Policy. Dr. Spencer is a preeminent expert on the field of Climate Science and he joins us to separate fact from fiction and manipulation over the topic of climate change.

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