Dave Chun of Kialoa Paddles Lays it Down


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Our special guest on today's show is Dave Chun, founder of Kialoa paddles. Coming from an outrigger canoeing background, Dave has been building paddles for almost two decades and really knows his stuff. In this interview Dave lays it down for stand up paddle surfers on blade size, shaft stiffness and flex, dihedrals, various paddle constructions, paddle length and proper stroke.

davechunkialoaplay.jpg We've crossed paths with Dave and his wife Meg several times over the years and they are both overflowing with knowledge about things you didn't even know you didn't know. He's always innovating and the brainstorms never end for Dave. In fact, after the interview, Dave kept saying "Oh! I should have said something else!" He loves his work, it's always on his mind and he's stoking out a lot of people with great equipment.

Enjoy the interview (39 min.) and check out the Kialoa lineup at www.kialoa.com.

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