Radio Guest: The Legendary Mickey Munoz - Big Wave Pioneer, Shaper, Stand Up Paddle Surfer


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Our guest on today's Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine Pure Stoke Radio session is surf legend and big wave pioneer Mickey Munoz. Born in 1937, Munoz was one of the original crew to first charge Waimea Bay in 1957 and is still charging hard to this day.

He has been a key player in the advancement of stand up paddle surfing from the beginning and had been a driving influence for many premier stand up paddle board shapers of today. Mickey honed his skills at breaks like Malibu, Rincon and Trestles in the 50's and 60's. He invented the famous move called the "Quasimodo' and has been featured in surfing movies and magazines for the last 40+ years. At 71 years his is one of our most beloved figures and is still every bit as stoked on surfing, and now stand up paddle surfing, as any kid. He is one of the most approachable and friendly surfers you'll ever meet.

In this interview, Munoz talks about what he loves most about stand up paddle surfing, board design, the future or the sports and advice for those just getting started. Just a few days after this interview we ran into Mickey again at the beach in SoCal where he continues to charge overhead bombs with the best of 'em. Thanks again for spending some time with us and sharing your stoke for the sport!

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