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It’s time to go back to some of the Greatest Hits in Standing Ovation history – and no, this was not an easy task.

As speakers, knowing what to say is sort of in our job description, but that’s easier for some topics than others.

How about… a pen?

It’s a topic that has no right to set the world alight, but Phil Jones has been leaving scorched stages across the globe for years with his story of a humble piece of stationery.

How does he do it? What are the secrets to Phil’s storytelling skill? And what does he think every speaker should know about this business?

Phil’s dedication to helping people see their worth and understand the value they bring – whether it’s to a relationship, a room, or an entire business – can be quite literally life-changing.

I wouldn’t promise a life-changing experience to you, Clappers… but I can guarantee a standout episode of Standing Ovation.

Find out about:

  • How Phil’s signature story came from a story he hated
  • The two foundations of great stories and speakers
  • How comedic timing maximizes your impact
  • Why being unpolished is more important than being perfect
  • What giving yourself permission to play can do for your talk
  • The way to work out your worth (and subsequently, your fee)
  • Why you should embrace being the bread, not the filling

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