Star-B-Q NIBBLER #10F: 7x7 = Forceteen


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Your Main Man Fode is "Forcefully" joined by the convivially geeky host of the quotidian podcast Star Wars 7x7! We go all Favies/Nayvies on SW home-video releases, and a discourse on the non-suckery of pizza pie; how non-Force-users actually use the Force; democratizing the Force and more on midichlorians; livin' that monkey life; fan division over Red Cup; what Force trainees actually do all day; Rey needs to make her own lightsaber; Hayden was totally worth it, and the importance of being prepared for romance; Joel Osteen and Sheev Palps on the cover of Snoke's tween magazine; Fode and Allen re-write Episode IX before JJ even gets to try; shout outs and more!

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