210: The Embodied Singer: How The Nervous System Affects Your Singing - with Shauna Fallihee


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Your body is your instrument, we've all heard that before...but have you ever considered how your nervous system is a part of that? Today, Shauna Fallihee and I have a fascinating conversation about your nervous system and it's role in your singing. We chat about:
  • Fight or flight vs Rest and digest for singers
  • The importance of The Vagus Nerve for singers...and for great health in general.
  • How to down-regulate the nervous system to reduce stage fright.
  • Myofascial release for singers -what is it and why it's amazing for.
  • How "Aunt Diane" can help you with your singing.
  • Developing an inner dialog with our body so that our body tells us what is best for us.
  • Mindset, meditation, and movement as body practices for awareness and down-regulation.
  • Emotions, your voice, and your body.

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