242: How To Solve 80% of Your Vocal Inconsistency In 2-3 Weeks


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Have you ever felt like your voice was inconsistent?

  • You can't hold out that note like you want to.
  • Some days you feel great, other days you feel like your voice sounds horrible.
  • Pitch is an issue.
  • When you practice it sounds great, but the second you hit record or are performing for someone else, it all goes out the window.

If this is you, you are not alone and this episode is for you!

I want to show you the exact process that I use with my singers and the singers inside the Green Room to get a SOLID and consistent singing foundation so that you can feel more confident when you sing live or record your music. Head over to the free training here > https://www.starsinger.co/captivatenow

Reach out to me on Instagram @TiffanyVanBoxtel

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