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This week Gareth is joined by Christine Yanke
Christine walks us through journey from being a stay-at-home mom to the sole breadwinner for her three sons when her husband was arrested in a police raid and later sentenced to 20 years in jail for his involvement with the Hells Angels.
Gareth and Christine discuss how grief, trauma, addiction & Yoga all played a major part in the journey of her life! Christine became an author and shared her story in the book 'Blinded By An Angel'
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Christine Yanke has been a keynote speaker in mental health conferences, hospitals, addiction facilities, yoga studios, and universities, openly sharing her story of resilience. Her story reached thousands of people in 2018, when she was featured in Canadian Living magazine. She has also been a mentor to many in the field of addiction and recovery. Christine specializes in trauma-informed yoga and is a co-author of clinical research gathered on yoga intervention for women with substance abuse disorder in a residential treatment program. This research was published in 2021 in the Sage Journal. She is a mental health advocate and was the Community Champion spokesperson for the 2021 Run for Women event, which took place in 18 cities across Canada. In 2021, I published my memoir "Blinded by an Angel" ~One woman's inspiring true story of resilience through grief, addiction, and trauma.
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