STFP 007: Building An Email List Through Lead Magnets and Opt-In Placements


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When we choose an email provider we first do a little research to make a good decision in choosing which email service provider we will you. While this is the one of the best approaches to take, there are many new podcasters and businesses that simple make their decision based on the most popular email services or the email service that the well notable podcasters use. This is a No-No!!!! You should never based you decision of an email service provider on its popularity or who uses it. This decision should ALWAYS be based on what works best for you. Use what works best for you. Everyone is different and not everyone’s purpose for an email service provider are the same. Some features that one email service provide has may not be any use to you. So always consider that you shouls choose an email service provider based on YOUR NEEDS.


Building your email list is a vital part of starting a new podcast. Having a following will help you in the future to offer products and services. Having the proper lead magnets and opt-in form placement is sure to make a difference in the amount of subscribers you obtain. Do not make the big mistake that many new podcasters or business marketers make when building an email list for their podcast or business.


When potential subscribers visit your website they are looking for help. They are seeking information they feel that you can provide. The last thing potential subscribers want to see when they are coming to a website for help is an immediate pop-up asking for their email address. In addition to this potential subscribers do not want to feel like they are at a “taking website” meaning a website that is consistently asking them for something (ie emailadress). So asking potential subscribers to provide their email address and not giving good value in return doesn’t give them any reason to subscribe. People are very reluctant to give their email address due to spam and excessive emails so to get someone to buy-in or give their email address for subscribing purposes you will really need to give them something worth giving their email address for. Now if you have something of value that no one has or is hard to find then you can offer something exclusive because basically it cant be obtained anywhere else. Do not just throw anything in there to get an email address because they will eventually unsubscribe. What you need to build your email address are good lead magnets.

Lead magnets are described as an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their information. The goal of the lead magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer. There are several lead magnets that you can use to build your email list.


These are a set of emails that you have preset that get sent out after you obtain a subscriber to your podcast or business related to your podcast. Remember, you are not just sending out any old emails. Each email you send after they subscribe should have just as much value as the the previous emails. And remember the email course can be a 7 day course or even a three day course. It is all in your choosing.


Ebooks are usually in a PDF file format that offer a lot of value. One thing about eBooks is that they can become time consuming in terms of writing them. They can also deter subscribers from signing up as it is not something direct or IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION. Meaning a potential subscriber may want something right away such as video or some type of quick guide.


Checklist are very direct. The value is right there in the check list. A checklist can be something as simple as steps to take before you start a podcast or (if it is a business podcast) it can be steps you take for great marketing results. In this case for example, Start To Finish Podcasting has a podcast recording checklist which can be found at or you can click this image Checklist are an example of something they can IMMEDIATELY use.


Tools and resources are simple because this is nothing but a matter of naming some of your effective, most useful and favorite resources you use that others will benefit from. It can even be resources that you may not use but you know are helpful. Some of these resources may include: The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Online Marketing Online salendar scheduler such as Schedule Once A Guide To Facebook Marketing The Top 10 WordPress Plugins The 12 Steps in Creating a Podcast Keep in mind that these list do not have to be long. Just keep it simple because your potential subscribers may be deterred from reading long lists.


Free videos are great because subscribers watching your video makes it more personable. Also, videos tend to be more comprehensive than reading an eBook or a Guide. However keep in mind that videos can be a little difficult when you first start out due to its cost and time. There are some free and paid options that you can utilize such as: FREE: – Google hang outs (which is now on YouTube) – Your webcam or your phone. – ScreenCast-O-Matic (Free version) PAID: – Screenflow 125.00 – Camtasia $199.00 – ScreenCast-O-Matic $15.00 year (good for beginners)


This is more for one who may sell software or develops software content and they have or want to gain subscribers through their podcast. There are a number of businesses that do this such as Teachable (3 free Videos), Thinkific (provide free videos (as they take a fee), Schedudule Once. So giving away free software is an excellent choice of a lead magnet if your are selling software


This research can be for whatever industry that your podcast serves. This particular lead magnet will not help everyone because not everyone will be in the same industry as your podcast or business topic but if your listeners are listening to your podcast then your market report will help you get people subscribed because people don’t want to put in all the work themselves for to conduct research.

Now that you have been provided some of the lead magnets and information to build your email list, you also need to understand the approach to giving those led magnets away. Lead magnets are offered through opt-in forms. Opt-in forms are leadboxes that you click on to obtain the value that is being offered. Where you put these opt-in forms are crucial to getting potential subscribers to opt-in. There are several area on your website in which you can place your opt-in form for conversions.

1. Your “About Page”

The about page is the most visited page on your website so it would only make sense to have an opt-in form on this page. It also allows visitors to get to know you and your podcast which may result in them wanting more which leads to them subscribing.

2. Your Home Page

Your home page is the first page visitors see when they get to your website. It is important to make sure the opt-in form is at the top of your webpage so that you don’t have to scroll down the page to get to it.

3. The Bottom of the Page (Especially a blog Page or your Podcast Shownotes)

Once potential subscribers soak up all your content at the end of your blog post or podcast shownotes they are either going to want more or not be interested. We can lean to the side of wanting more if they read your blog to the end so having an opt-in at the end of the content you offer is a perfect spot to get subscribers.

4. Inside of a Post (Blog or Shownotes)

So if you have posts from past weeks that were high trafiic clicks, you can place an opt-in form right in the middle of those posts and get new subscribers. This strategy is not difficult at all. As a matter of fact you can probably apply this to your blog post or podcast shownotes right now.

5. The Side Bar of Your Website

The great benefit of placing an opt-in form in your side bar is that no matter what page you visitors go to it will show on every page of your website. I do want to mention that some research studies has shown that the conversion rates are very low compared to having it elseware on your website pages.

6. Exit Popup Window

To many people it may be quite annoying to see popup subscribe leadboxes. Not everyone likes popups. However on the other hand many only pop up when leaving the website so to be honest, you have nothing to lose because they are leaving anyway so why not ask for their email address in this case.

7. The Footer

Like the side bar it shows up on every page of your website and has a low conversion rate however it benefits you because when they come to your page there is an opt-in form at the top of your page, in the side bar and in the middle of a post. So when you get to the bottom you no longer see those opt-in forms for potential subscribers to subscribe. With placing an opt-in form at the bottom footer it allows visitors to see an opt-in form no matter where they scroll on the page.

8. A Landing Page of your Podcast or Business

Landing pages allow people to see exactly what they want and what they clicked on your link for. So when they get to the landing page they are more likely to subscribe because that was what they clicked on your landing page for. So if you have incentives, drive them to your landing page and you will see an increase in conversion rates.

Subscribe now and get your guide to building you email list through lead magnets and opt-in placement. For more assistance with creating, growing or improving your podcast you can check out our Blog and podcast. Thank you so much for visiting Start To Finish Podcasting.

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