Financial Fridays Segment: Tips on Your Money and Your Mindset from Coach Colette and Sukhtej Singh


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Now that we are into the holiday season, and that Thanksgiving is complete, let's think a little deeper about gratitude. For what and for whom are you most thankful? There have been several studies that show a link between gratitude and wellbeing. Actions as simple as keeping a gratitude journal, counting your blessings, or even just thanking people mentally in your mind can have a positive impact on your mindset. Being thankful actually can help you feel happier. In this episode of Financial Fridays, hear personal reflections from Coach Colette, including her techniques to cultivate an 'attitude of gratitude' on a consistent basis. It will help you consider how you can cultivate more gratitude, and how to express gratitude to yourself and to others in your world. You'll also hear holiday greetings from financial advisor Sukhtej Singh, along with some holiday shopping ideas.

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