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Brian Oneill has been a product designer for more than twenty years and in the last ten years has been an independent consultant and started his company Designing For Analytics last year. Brian has helped designed products for companies ranging from startups to enterprises including NetApp, TripAdvisor, Infinio, Fidelity, and DataXu.

In this episode, Brian talks about:

The differences between UI and UX and what the role of the product designer is

How to measure the user experience and go about discovering UX issues

Common mistakes he sees people make

How being a musician influences the way he approaches product design

Links from today’s episode:

Designing For Analytics

How to Self-Assess the UI/UX Design of Products Using Analytics

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Jonathan Stark

Brennan Dunn

Jared M. Spool

Sketch and Invision

Sketching User Experiences

Beautiful Evidence

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