Ep: 040 - Kevin Kinsella - Avalon Ventures - From Employee to Founder to Investor: San Diego's Most Interesting Man


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Kevin Kinsella is a venture capitalist in San Diego. Kevin has been a part of the formation, financing, and development of more than 125 companies, including several public companies. In the past, Kevin has led international joined ventures for Solar Turbines International, he was an advisor to the Peruvian government in national nutrition planning, he ran a technology exchange program between the United States and Latin America, and he taught algebra at the American high school in Beirut, Lebanon. Kevin was also a guest for The Boston Herald American, he’s a member of the Circumnavigators Club, won a Tony Award for producing Jersey Boys, and partnered with Rhino Records in producing the Grammy Award-winning Jersey Boys original cast recording, which has gone double platinum. He owns Kinsella Estates Winery, which produces the highest rated premium Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and has a large selection of art, sculptures, and memorabilia in the Kinsella Library in La Jolla.

In this episode, Kevin talks about:

The transition from employee, to founder, to investor

How valuations of companies have changed over time

Trends in venture capital that worry him

How he became the largest investor in Jersey Boys

His winery, Kinsella Estates

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