State of our Nation


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State of our Nation is a radio show on Classic 102.7 for the thinking South African. Each week we evaluate our progress toward becoming a great nation along a different dimension. We address 12 broad categories, and ask, “What is the state of our …. “ Governance, Society, Citizens, Industry, Infrastructure, Education, Employment, Recreation, Relationships, Healthcare and Nutrition. Within each of these broad categories, we address more specific topics on the show. The discussion is reflective in nature and non-confrontational; it seeks to explore how we are doing as a nation along these different dimensions, and what can be done to improve. The discussion in moderated by Athol Williams, a respected academic, social philosopher and nation-building activist. Athol is a Senior Lecturer at UCT, Chairman of Read to Rise and award-winning author of 12 books. After each show, Athol will write an article that reflects upon the discussion.

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