154 - How this CEO Built His Business on Partnerships - with Keith Gregg


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Generosity + Empathy + Gratitude = Entrepreneurial Success This equation might strike you as a solution to humanity’s shortcomings, but entrepreneurial success?

Not so much.

Unless you’re Keith Gregg.

Gregg is the founder and CEO of Chalice Network, a membership organization for independent business owners in the financial services industry.

After 33 years in the industry, Gregg understands and promotes the lucrative benefits of being generous with your expertise, empathetic toward your clients, and grateful to those who have had an impact on your life.

Listen in and discover the secret to Gregg’s approach to building and benefiting from strong business relationships. He’ll discuss the opportunities to generate leads from your existing clients and the clients who other analysts and business owners neglect.

And with the reach of social media, these opportunities are waiting to be grabbed.

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