018 - Being Fro Knows Photo | Jared Polin Interview


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Being Fro Knows Photo | Jared Polin Interview | Steady Focused 018

Being Fro Knows Photo | Jared Polin Interview | Steady Focused 018

I can’t sit around and do nothing. That sucks. I don’t want to go sit on a beach. I don’t want to go relax... I want to create and that’s what I set out to do. Because if I’m not (creating), I feel like I’m dying.
— Jared Polin - Fro Knows Photo

Guys, tonight we have on the show the man, the myth the legend. Mr. Jared Polin, Fro Knows Photo.

Not only is this man a world renowned photographer, but this man is the epitome of long game consistent content creation. He has been consistently putting out a video, not every month, not every week, but every day... for years!

He's accumulated over 600,000 subscribers, 89 Million views and has literally shaped the landscape of photography in our world.

Key take aways:
(00:00) Jared Polin introduced me to Gary Vaynerchuk

(01:45) How Jared met Gary Vaynerchuk
(02:50) There's no secret to success. Just beat the shit out of it. Crush it. Just show up and do it.

(03:35) Where was Jared along is path when he first met Gary?

(04:00) The one thing I learned from attending events was what not to do. Gary was different. He told it how it really is.

(04:45) Very first video was posted in 2008

(06:00) When Jared interviewed Gary Vee

(06:25) "I still have the same mindset of creating great content that people enjoy and consume."

(07:00) What drives you? "What's the alternative? Sitting around and doing nothing? I don't want to sit on a beach and do nothing. I want to create. Because if I don't, I feel like I'm dying."

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk EP 213

(07:55) Typical week? *laughs* it never ends, it's a constant. Wake up, create, engage with audience, eat, sleep, repeat...

(09:28) How many are on the Fro Knows Photo team?

(10:41) Best place to eat in Philly

(11:45) Roadblocks encountered along the way

(13:00) Go from someone who keeps all the secrets to giving it all away

(13:45) Self Doubt - "The most mundane things get fucked up in my head. I question everything."

(14:30) Secret to learning - "Just fucking do it."

(15:15) My Gear Vault App - New app Jared and his team has created. Catalog and protect your gear and yourself

(19:30) What advice would you have for a younger version of yourself - like me with Steady Focused, growing a brand still green, still growing

(20:43) Did you ever feel like you wanted to give up?

(21:00) Wake up, shoot a video, edit a video, post a video, interact with people, go to lunch, come back from lunch, think about an idea, shoot a video, edit the video, put it out into the world, interact with people until 1 or 2am, go to sleep, wake up and do it all again for the next 6 or 7 years.

(22:00) "I didn't start Fro Knows Photo until I was 29. ... I made a change at 29, I transformed my body, and that gave me more to get in front of the camera. I wanted to do something. I decided right then and there and I did it. If you have an idea, just do it."

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