Delta Tamales


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How delta tamales got here is still a mystery. Some say migrant cotton harvesters from Mexico introduced the Mississippi Delta region to them in the early 1900’s, which made African-American residents start making them too! They are a notable cuisine in the South and today we are diving into these delicious wrapped foods!

Great resources on tamale history: “Delta Hot Tamales” by Anne Martin “A Good Meal is Hard to Find” by Amy C. Evans If you want to hit a bunch of various establishments, check out the Tamale Trail Our Delta Blues Episode would be fun to check out if you make the trip through Clarksdale, MS You can order online and have them shipped to you! Scott’s Hot Tamales CC's Hot Tamales Loved this copy of Greek Restaurant, Taziki’s Lemon Chicken Soup: TELL US ABOUT HOW YOU ARE PRACTICING HOSPITALITY during Covid-19. In 90 seconds or less, leave us a voice recording to share what you’ve done or what you’ve seen another do to show hospitality even in a pandemic. Record your message here and we may include in a future episode: Follow Us @SteelMagnoliasPodcast

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