Live Call In Show – Ep 49 : Nick Mason of The Weekly Planet & the 2017 listener predictions reviewed


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.Nick Mason of the Weekly Planet podcast joins us to discuss…
- Listeners’ 2017 Star Wars predictions in review
- The jury’s still out on one of Maso’s 2017 predictions
- The details on the next upcoming Steele Wars live shows
- Dom Legaspi from San Francisco calls to face the music about his 2017 prediction
- Joe from Pennsylvania calls in to review his prediction of a specific character’s death in The Last Jedi
- Emily Lind from the Canto Bight Dispatch calls to argue her case for the accuracy of her prediction
- Steele gives some laundry advice
- Maso offers his thoughts on the events on Canto Bight
- Whose Kenobi sex tape would you rather watch?
- Steele nailed a couple of his predictions
- The amount of Kylo Ren shown in The Last Jedi
- The cringiest line of dialogue in Star Wars
- An amazing prediction is disqualified
- Maso made a great Solo connection months ahead of time
- The box office performance of The Last Jedi
- How thinking about The Last Jedi after viewing can change one’s opinion of the film
- The legitimacy and look of the newly leaked poster for the Solo movie
- Catherine Kneen from Melbourne joins us while recovering from a big night to talk about her 2017 prediction
- What style of lightsaber will Rey build for Episode IX?
- Holdo’s end, and whether that should’ve been Leia
- Steele gets flustered thinking about a potential Solo cameo
- Robbo proves to be prophetic
- Rian Johnson’s answers to JJ Abrams’ questions
- Maso’s hot new hashtag goes viral
- The handling of the death of a beloved character in The Last Jedi
- Maso starts us off on the 2018 predictions
- Maso gives us the lowdown on the adventure that is tram driving
- Dom uses valuable airtime to answer his own question
- Joe places his bet on who will die in the Solo film
- And much more!
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