Creating Miracles Through Abundance with Maria Kellis


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Today, I have an amazing conversation with Certified Spiritual Healer Maria Kellis, who shares how to create miracles in our lives the same way she created miracles in her life. Marie was working in the fast paced startup world where she was burning the candle at both ends and letting stress envelop her life, when she got a huge wakeup call and ended up in a wheelchair. Learn how Marie turned her biggest challenge into her biggest gift as she made the decision of what her life was going to be.

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The Mission Log:
  • [02:02] - Maria shares a little bit about who she is and what she does.
  • [03:13] - How did Maria find herself in a wheelchair, as she mentioned a moment ago? She answers, then shares some of the lesson she learned from the experience.
  • [05:59] - Orion digs deeper into Maria’s pain, which was not only physical; her fiance left her during the experience.
  • [08:16] - In 2012, Maria had her biggest accident, which was also an enormous gift, as she describes here.
  • [10:02] - Orion talks about a recent conversation she had about a near-death experience. Maria then describes what she experienced.
  • [12:55] - After coming back from her incredible near-death experience, what is Maria’s relationship with time now?
  • [15:18] - Maria discusses whether she creates miracles through a time-space continuum. She then offers to share one of the “crazy” experiences that she has had.
  • [16:22] - God is an experience, not a concept, Orion explains. She then clarifies what she means.
  • [16:53] - Maria shares the experience that she offered a moment ago, explaining that she shifted reality while thinking she was in the dream world.
  • [19:00] - How can we create miracles in our lives, and experience our own leaps into a reality of infinite possibility?
  • [22:15] - Orion explores what Maria has been saying, clarifying details about faith and love.
  • [22:39] - Maria gives more detail on the first step of the process, which is clearing space by accepting that everything is perfect. She then shares an out-of-body experience she had.
  • [26:09] - Orion is studying Kabbalah, she reveals, then ties this into what Maria has been saying about her experience.
  • [27:18] - Maria talks more about human suffering and its role in our world. Suffering is balance, and is linked to threads that we sometimes can’t control.
  • [30:50] - We return to the topic of miracles, with Maria explaining what the keys to manifesting a miracle are and how they relate to vibrations.
  • [34:07] - Where can listeners find and connect with Maria?
Links and Resources: @LikeMariaKellis on Facebook @mariakellis on Twitter MIT Space-time continuum Doppelgänger Lucid dreaming Nag Hammadi library Dead Sea Scrolls Kabbalah Vessel (in Kabbalah) What Colliding Black Holes Sound Like

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