195: Love is in The Stars with Carol Allen


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When it comes to popular astrology, you’ve probably read that Scorpio’s are too intense and Cancers are super sensitive. And whether subconsciously or consciously, these stereotypes of your “sun sign” has probably influenced your dating decisions - like rationalizing that a guy didn’t work out because his Leo sign mean he was too self-centered.

But what if I told you that compatibility has nothing to do with those signs - in fact, it has everything to do with your moon sign, your date of birth, and the destiny which the universe has outlined for you. I say outlined, because even though you may have some sort of destiny, it’s up to you to make decisions and take actions that will lead you to the partner that was meant for you.

When coaching my relationship clients, I stress the importance of being active in your quest for love, not just waiting around for the stars to align. We have to put in the work and remember that life happens for us, not to us. To understand these concepts better, I am excited to have Carol Allen on my show today, a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach whose mission is to empower women to enjoy a truly out of this world love life.

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