200th Episode Special! The Story of My Miracle Baby


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For this episode, I’ve decided to share my secret with you, a secret that I’ve kept for almost a year. Later on, you will understand why I kept it as a secret and why I didn’t really want to talk about it or share it.

But it’s time. I’ve received a gift from God, and I am ready to share that with you. I also think that it can help a lot of you with the idea of manifesting and understanding of what goes into manifestation and how the manifestation of what you want doesn’t always happen the way you want it to. Still, you can manifest your dreams. If you deeply connect with that, it will show up in your life. Not always exactly the way you want it, but it will happen for you.

I wanted to be a mother for a long time.Every time I saw a little kid or baby, I felt a deep longing in my heart, that desire for being a mother. Earlier in my 20s, it wasn’t there, but when the 30s hit, every time I saw a little baby or even a little puppy, I just felt like “Ugh. I really want it.” Knowing I have hormonal deficiencies and other issues, I was not an optimal candidate to get pregnant naturally. So, my husband and I decided that we would go and try IVF.

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