201: Clarify Your Brand’s Message with Adria DeCorte


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Sometimes, it's hard for me to communicate what I do in the world. I can say I help women find self-love so they can attract their person and attract success. But it's so much deeper than that because what goes into that is also healing of trauma, dealing with self-esteem, and connecting to a persona that is stronger than you think.

But how can you share all that in one sentence or in the very quick elevator speech? To help with that, I invited Adria DeCorte. She helps women leaders clarify the message they're here to share, so they can reach the right audience. She's a TEDx speaker, host of The Unforgettable podcast, creator of the Messenger Archetypes, and has been featured on the Huffington Post and Fox Morning News. Are you ready to step into those messenger shoes and share your message with the world?

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