Episode 34: A conversation with Brock McGillis on homophobia in hockey


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For this episode I spoke with Brock McGillis, who was the first openly gay hockey player who does activism work in fighting homophobia in hockey. We chatted about the situation during the Maple Leafs-Lightning game, homophobia in hockey, his experiences, how to eradicate homophobia from hockey and how to be an ally. TW: There’s a lot of talk about homophobia and bigotry, along with references to suicide and depression. I added a few times here of where the suicide/depression talks come up. I did my best to get most of them: 20 minute to 20:30, 25:30-26, 39:15, 55-56. Patreon: www.patreon.com/StickToSports. Newsletter: tinyletter.com/sticktosports

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