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In today’s show, I’m sharing the Top 40 Most Wanted Planted List or as I like to call it, "The Plants We Pine For”. These are the plants that gardeners around the country mention when you ask them to finish this sentence: “I wish I planted more….” This particular Most Wanted List is compiled from my garden friends, listeners of the show, and gardening posts on social media. These plants are the gorgeous blooms and delicious edibles we just can’t get enough of - and it’s a thrill to walk through this A to Z list of heart-stealers: from allium to zinnia.

Of course, just because a plant is loved doesn’t mean it’s problem free - so take heed: You will still fight pests, disease, or even thuggish behavior in the right circumstances. If you hear something on this list and decide to follow suite and try it in your garden, then do your homework first: talk to other gardeners in your area, check these plant suggestions with garden center folks or even do your own online homework to be extra safe.


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