SG579: Day Three of the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling


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In today’s show, I’m wrapping up my three part series about the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling held in and around Washington DC. at the end of this past June.

Day 3 was focused on gardens in rural areas outside of DC area, so we will be reviewing wonderful private and public gardens in areas like:

The Plains (Linda Hostetler’s Garden)

Middleburg (a private Estate Garden)

Hamilton (The Garden of Ed and Pat Peters designed by John Magee)

and Vienna (Meadowlark Gardens)

Now, most of these gardens belong to private homeowners with a passion for gardening, while others are the personal gardens created by professional landscape designers (like Linda Hostetler’s Garden). Frankly, it’s always such a treat to see the gardens professional designers create and tend for themselves.

Day 3 also featured stops at the garden of the Chair of the 2017 Fling - Tammy Schmitt’s (SG542) suburban garden, the renowned Merryfield’s Garden Center and the Stone Tower Winery with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For today’s show, I’ll be joined by fellow garden bloggers:

Teri Speight of Cottage In The Court

Joanne Shaw (SG542) of Down2Earth

Tracy Blevins of Plants Map


Cottage In The Court


Plants Map

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The Garden News Roundup for July 28, 2017:

Guest Update

Clay and Limestone: Silver-spotted skipper

Casa Mariposa, Virginia winery, & Merrifield Garden Center

English garden in Virginia horse country

Blue fantasy in the garden of Linda Hostetler


Wilted Plants: How the Garden Uses and Loses Water

Continuing Ed

An Excellent No-Dig Garden Demonstration

pH should stand for plant health

What To Do if You Have Just a Little Bit of Outdoor Space

How To/DIY

8 Guidelines To Taking Panoramic Photos With Any Camera

How To Take Great Panorama Photos With The iPhone

Skippy's Vegetable Garden: backyard garden panoramic shots

Safe Rose Spray Recipe That Really Works

Easy to Make Fresh Herb Wreath

Naturalistic Garden Hacks

Plant Spotlight

Plants from the Fling

Four Top Rated Coreopsis You Should Know About

Harvesting Heirloom Yellow Potato Onions

In the News

Larger-than-life pineapple origami structure pops up on a historic UK landscape

AMAZING “Before & After” Pictures of a Rooftop Urban Garden

Are you America's Best Gardener?

Dream Guest

Vern Isenhower

Gilbert Pino


Are our gardens the monarch butterfly sanctuaries we think they are?

Meet the thistle propagator-in-chief

Cucumbers in space provide insights on root growth

University of Florida working on seedless watermelons


Perspective | A gardener went to Japan to polish her pruning skills. She found tough love.


And Now, Let's Add Humidity!


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The Garden News Roundup

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Guest Introductions

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The Garden of Tammy Schmitt

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Merrifield Garden Center

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The Garden of Linda Hostetler

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Stone Tower Winery

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Rural Estate Garden near Middleburg, Virginia

Time Stamp: 1:32:30

The Garden of Ed and Pat Peters

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Meadowlark Gardens

Time Stamp: 1:47:35

The final dinner

Time Stamp: 1:52:40

How did each of today’s guests get started in gardening blogging?

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How do the ladies each organize all their photos and content after a fling event?

Time Stamp: 2:05:50

How do the ladies promote their content on social media?

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The guests talk about some of the upcoming events they have that you can look forward to and where you can find them on social media!

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