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In Today’s show I’m getting to do something I truly love to do, talk DIY with two DIY Divas - Annette Gutierrez and Mary Gray. They are the authors of the new book Potted: Make Your Own Stylish Garden Containers. Decorating can be incredibly expensive, but Annette and Mary are masters at repurposing and they often troll hardware stores for inspiration. Their new step-by-step book shows you how to create 23 show-stopping containers made from everyday materials such as concrete, plastic, metal, terra cotta, rope, driftwood, and fabric.

The projects that Annette and Mary shared in their book are affordable, made from accessible materials, and most importantly - gorgeous. They include clever takes on everyday objects found at the big box hardware stores around the country, like the cinderblock garden that made its way into the hearts of Apartment Therapy and their readers. They riffed on the amazing designs of Pawena Studio using a common chimney flue and turning it into a graphic planter. Their book is jam-packed with color photographs and simple instructions. Potted is for anyone who wants to turn an outdoor space into a stylish oasis

That said, I am obviously over-the-moon tickled to share my conversation with Annette & Mary. These gals are proof that you can re-invent yourself at any point in your life, Annette and Mary actually met many years ago in their former careers in the film industry. With no retail experience, they bought a run-down pottery store which they built into a gardening destination and brand. Today, they co-own and operate their brick and mortar store Potted in Los Angeles. Potted is an outdoor-lifestyle destination and brand. Annette runs the marketing and design work for Potted. She writes the Potted blog and contributes to Sunset Magazine’s blog and many print publications. Mary was a set decorator and art director for TV and commercials. Mary is the head of all things visual at Potted, creating compelling installations and curating the diverse objects used as planters. Potted has been featured in the LA Times, Sunset Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine Best Of, California Home and Design, Country Living, Gardenista, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, Garden Design, and The Huffington Post. As the creative forces behind the brand, Annette & Mary are always on the lookout for everyday objects and unique uses for products geared toward outdoor living to excite and inspire our customers. It’s one of the reasons they are a successful business and why many people choose their store over the big chain stores. What sets them apart are our their original Potted designs—garden pavers, tile tables, and especially pots (they are called Potted, after all). Annette and Mary share a passion for design - and that created the opportunity for them to write their book, which is filled with inspirational and original ideas to help you make your own planters from everyday materials. Beyond being affordable, they wanted to create projects that were gorgeous and accessible. You do not need a workshop or countless tools at your disposal to build these planters. In fact, when coming up with possible ideas for the book, they asked ourselves three questions: 1. Is it affordable? 2. Are the materials easy to find? 3. Could we do it on our own? If the answer to any of these questions was no, we threw out the idea. Finally, the most important consideration was that the finished product had to look fabulous. You’re going to love listening to Annette & Mary - and hearing about their Potted style first hand.


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Helpful Time Stamps

The Garden News Roundup

Time Stamp 23:00

Annette Gutierrez and Mary Gray Introduction

Time Stamp 55:15

How have the two of you become owners and operators of a garden store? Also, how has your background in TV and film helped you?

Time Stamp 59:35

How did you come up with the name ‘Potted’ for your store?

Time Stamp 1:01:15

How do you describe your store?

Time Stamp: 1:02:10

Do you have any tips for the owner/operators out there who are running a traditional garden store?

Time Stamp: 1:05:20

I saw that your circle pot is featured in your book. What inspired you to design, and create, this pot?

Time Stamp: 1:07:35

What is your secret recipe for building and retaining your staff?

Time Stamp: 1:10:45

How do you help encourage people to think creatively when it comes to using everyday materials?

Time Stamp: 1:13:25

On page 14, you discuss the importance of good drainage in your pots. Why is it so important?

Time Stamp: 1:16:00

Let’s start by the way you’re book is organized - by material. The first one being concerte. You have a very nice contemporary planter that uses backerboard. What is backerboard? I’m not familiar with it.

Time Stamp: 1:18:45

Can I put you on the spot and have you tell us about some of your favorite building adhesives?

Time Stamp: 1:22:45

Apartment Therapy featured your cinderblock candle wall. It’s absolutely radiant. Tell us what inspired you to build this?

Time Stamp: 1:24:15

In the section on plastics, you use a lot of PVC pipes. However, you use plastic materials that many people might not be familiar with, like vent-wall poaches. How did you discover, and repurpose, these?

Time Stamp: 1:30:10

One of my favorite projects in the plastic section is called ‘Totally Tubular PVC Planter’. Describe this project to the listeners.

Time Stamp: 1:34:05

The metal section is next. In this section, you had the ‘Gables’, which was my favorite project. This is the perfect example of repurposing gone wild. Please walk us through how you came up with this.

Time Stamp: 1:37:40

Can you please read the description off of your ‘Flying Saucer Planters’?

Time Stamp: 1:40:40

The next section is all about the creative work you can do with terra cotta pieces. Can you share your overview about this material and what it’s like to work with it?

Time Stamp: 1:44:10

The last section talks about organic materials. Even though they don’t last forever, I find that the organic elements really add so much warmth to the garden. What do you gals think?

Time Stamp: 1:47:50

I loved the ‘Roped In’ project. How can people create this easy DIY and where do you find the rope for it?

Time Stamp: 1:48:40

How do you start and end any type of rope project? Rope can be a bit tricky to work with.

Time Stamp: 1:50:20

If you were to write a sequel to this book, what else would you include?

Time Stamp: 1:51:40

Before we wrap up, let’s talk a little bit more about your Potted store and some of the products you offer.

Time Stamp: 1:53:50

What upcoming events do you have going on that listeners can look out for?

Time Stamp: 2:00:35

Can you walk us through how to mount a Staghorn Fern?

Time Stamp: 2:02:35

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