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Today’s show is all about top tomato varieties - with one of the country’s leading tomato experts - Craig LeHoullier the author of Epic Tomatoes.

In his book, Epic Tomatoes, you get a chance to have Craig mentor you through the wide, wide world of tomatoes. You learn how to grow and harvest with Craig’s experienced advice. The book is both practical and beautiful. Craig’s uncovered much of the fruit's fascinating history.

Today, we're getting an introduction to 33 of Craig’s favorite varieties of tomatoes.

If you are a lover of tomatoes - and the odds are good that you are, because tomatoes consistently rank as the universal favorite edible - then today’s show will be a total thrill for you.

Craig’s book, Epic Tomatoes was a 2016 GWA Media Awards Gold Medal Winner - Best Overall Book. It’s truly a beautiful book - with cover art and graphics that pop. Many of the images feature chalkboard graphics that would make a barista weep. I tell you what - it’s got such an engaging overall design and captivating interior layout - you’ll want to keep this book out for others to see and handy for you to use all season long.

Ira Wallace of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange said this about Epic Tomatoes, "When Craig recommends a variety, we listen!"

Here’s this great compliment from Diane Ott Whealy, co-founder and vice president of Seed Savers Exchange:

"Craig LeHoullier has been on a marathon journey with this fruit for 35 years, growing and evaluating thousands of tomatoes. His hands-on knowledge ... is now entirely accessible in Epic Tomatoes."

Craig is a practitioner. He grows thousands of tomatoes - starting them humbly in his garage - every single year.

Craig's book, Epic Tomatoes, is the culmination of decades of a passion for collecting, researching and growing hundreds of varieties of tomatoes. Craig lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife Susan, which is why his email is nctomatoman.

Craig is single-handedly responsible for naming, developing and introducing many varieties, such as Cherokee Purple and Lucky Cross, and has been co-leading a unique all-volunteer project to create new dwarf-growing varieties. The project is responsible for 25 new tomatoes available through a variety of seed companies, particularly valuable for space-constrained gardeners who wish to grow wonderful tomatoes on decks or patios.

Today, we get him all to ourselves.

Get out your garden journal - and at the top of the page write: 2018 Tomato Wishlist.

Let’s make some exciting tomato choices for next year.

Here’s Craig LeHoullier - NC Tomato Man - with his top picks of Epic Tomato Varieties.



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