Episode 18: "Bleach Blonde Baddies": - Rush Hour (With Evelyn Mok)


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The brilliant comedian Evelyn Mok joins Anna and Emily to discuss Rush Hour, a heartwarming tale of two friends being racist to each other. Is that Still Legit? We chat colonial white guy baddies, camel hump and inexplicably fancy cars, and Anna and Evelyn realise that bleaching their hair has set them on the path to being evil sidekicks.

There has been a threefold increase in racism towards East Asian people since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Please consider signing the petition to call for a zero tolerance policy to racism against East Asian and Southeast Asian people in the UK.


You can also donate to the crowdfunder to establish the first non-profit dedicated to addressing systemic racism faced by the ESEA in the UK here:


Please also check out Evelyn's instagram: @EvelynMok and her story highlight "Step Up!" to get a more personal insight into how racism affects those in the ESEA community.

A recent YouGov poll revealed that people from ethnic Chinese backgrounds are more likely than any other minority group both to report hearing someone imitate their accent or make assumptions about their behaviour based on their ethnicity. Allyship is important - please speak up and stand up if you are in position to do so.

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