Midnight Tales - One - In The Light Of A Silver Moon - Chapter 1


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Welcome back to the In Between.
The story we pull out from the shadows is a dark fairy tale called, Midnight Tales. It will be told in 4 parts and released every Tuesday, starting on Feb. 23rd. Each part will be divided in two chapters, one released in the morning and the second released in the evening, for your listening pleasure.
What happens when reality and the dream world converge? These are tales of loss and pain, human tragedy and human connection. Of revenge and of redemption.
Meet Anne and Gloria, two strong women in the midst of a test of their very being. When the ugliness of what they have done catches up to them, they seek their answers in the fantastical world of dreams.
In The Light of a Silver Moon, between dreams and reality, a world converges. Our two women commit a crime and in the darkness of the night hide a body. What will it take for them to get away with it?
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