Ep.15: Death of Pandu–A hunting accident and the aftermath. (The Mahabharata)


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Pandu was cursed by rishi Kimdama because of a hunting accident. This story is about Pandu and his wife, Madri's death as a result of the curse and the events that followed.

Listen to the story to know more about:

- The cause and manner of Pandu's death

- Why Madri chose to accompany Pandu to his afterlife rather than Kunti

- The final rites of Pandu and Madri–where, what and how.

- What happened to the five sons of Pandu–the Pandavas, and Kunti after Pandu's death.

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The Mahabharata 1: Complete and Unabridged; translated by Bibek Debroy. (2015). Penguin Random House India. (Original work published 2010)

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