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The Porch - When GOD Is All You Got Topic: When GOD Is All You Got Psalm 16:5 Good News Translation (GNT) 5 You, LORD, are all I have, and you give me all I need; my future is in your hand. ThePorch We are here on ThePorch to help you (our Neighbor) to discover using #MasonJarWisdom (GOD's Wisdom); to understand that #YouAreSpecial and have #SpecialThings to do #2UpLiftAll (Mission of I AM Special Movement). Each episode will equip you for each SeasonOfWisdom and prepare each of us (Neighbors) to #SOW ineach season for ourselves and the next generations. So, grab your ice cold #MasonJar of water, lemonade or tea and come along this learning journey with me Mrs. Myra Smith Frye (aka MsMyra) and join us for your beginning of the week (or anytime of the week) Inspiration on ThePorch "Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts inevitably bring about right results.” James Allen Join us for this week's 2UpLiftAll Podcast. This week's episode explores living life with the recognition that you don't have anything else but GOD. We often believe this occurs only when we are at our lowest: homeless; jobless; relationship problems, etc. As it was for this week's Neighbor2Neighbor Guest, Dr. LaTarsha Holden who is now deemed No Longer Lost (title of documentary about her life). Truth be told even though she has been blessed to have earmed accomplishments and attained tangible resources, GOD is still all she got. Of course to the world and to many of us she looks like she has more than GOD. But the scripture tells us that GOD is all that we have and that our future is in HIS hand. So the lesson of this week's Podcast is that when you you have or you have not, GOD is truly all that you got. How does one go from being a statistic to being one who now helps others progress from their statistical statuses too? Pastor (Dr.) Latarsha Holden has been allowed to grow through some rough and tough circumstances and overcome so that she now can help others to do the same. Her story and her sharing of her story is remarkable and very inspiring. But just so you do not get it twisted, although a great turnaround story is this; you must remember only what you do for CHRIST will last. In addition, you can gain things and have improved circumstances but do not forget in the process what you really have in any/all circumstances. When it is all said and done GOD is all you got. We hope that after listening to this week's 2UpLiftAll Podcast on StormTalk365 Radio that all of you neighbors will take heed in knowing that when you are successful or you are struggling that you are still on a level playing field; when you are homeless or you have mansion for a home, you are still on a level playing field; when you are a dropout, have a GED or have a Phd, you still are on a level playing field. How is that possible you say? Because no matter our lot in life, GOD is (truly) all we got. But the good news about that truth is that if you have GOD that is truly enough. On the other hand, when you have everything else and you don't have GOD; you really don't got nothing. So, I can hear y'all saying but you don't know my situation. You may be also saying that you don't know what it feels like to be hungry, homeless, lonely, etc. Maybe I do and maybe I don't but this weeks guest has been through no less than one of these circumstances. She is so transparent about her journey of not knowing GOD to now she is a servant of The LORD. So no matter your current status in life are you prepared to ensure that you have the most important resource/relationship to have in life? Are you aware of the assurance that can come only when one knows GOD? Do you want to find out why you are truly blessed when God is all you got? Do you want to find out how one can go from being a dropout to obtaining a GED and ultimately a Phd? Even still do you want to know how you can accomplish special things in life even when you are dropout; only have a GED; and still don't have the Phd? Are you prepared to acknowledge that for you too (in all circumstances) GOD is all you got? Neighbor, so that you do not miss one nugget of #MasonJarWisdom, make sure you have enough to drink in your Mason Jar and that your note-taking device is fully-prepared for use during your visit to #ThePorch this week. Neighbor, you may be at the beginning stages of going through; you may be in the thick of going through; or you may be on the other side of going through. Regardless, as you listen to today's Podcast from #ThePorch, you need to become ready to discover, understand and gladly accept how to live your life When GOD Is All You Got. You will begin to be better able to live a life that has peace. You will be better able to not worry and fret so much. You will be better able to trust GOD in the good times, troubled times and anytime all the time. We know that if not you then your Neighbor can benefit from this week's message. We want to applaud you for making the decision to tune in but for also sharing with your Neighbor so they too can begin to understand why life will be so okay When GOD Is All You Got by connecting to this week's episode of #ThePorch Podcast as it premieres on StormTalk365 Radio! To learn more about StormTalk365 Radio Network visit To listen to this Podcast on your favorite medium go to: You can download this Podcast for future reference. We hope that when you listen to the Initial play or the replay that you have your note-taking device (paper & pen [or pencil] or technical device) available; and your ice-cold Mason Jar of water lemonade or tea and you are ready to come along on this learning journey with me and all the Neighbors as we get our weekly dose of #MasonJarWisdom from #ThePorch APPRECIATION: We truly thank you for visiting with us on #ThePorch be it your 1st time or yet another time!! For ADVERTISEMENT opportunities contact: Ms. Jamise Wilson at For BOOKING opportunities contact MsMyra at #YouAreSpecial & You have #SpecialThingsToDo (as your part) in the #IAMSpecialMovement mission: #2UpLiftAll Tags #PastorLatarshaHolden #ThePorch #MasonJarWisdom #StormTalk365Radio #WhenGODIsAllYouGot

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