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The Porch2 -Hugs Do A Person Good Hugs Do A Person Good Galatians 6:10 ESV So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith. Who doesn't want a hug? Who needs a hug? Parents hug Children (or at least they should); People often hug people when somebody dies. But the truth is that hugs are for everyone. A hug (v.t.) is to clasp or hold closely, especially in one's arms; embrace or enfold, as in affection; to cherish (hold fast) or to keep very close to I ran across a book called The Hug Therapy Book by Kathleen Keating. This book defines a hug as a natural instinct. Based on the scripture above I would like to offer that a hug is a Supernatural opportunity to do good to everyone, especially those who are of the household of the faith. Hug as a noun means an affectionate embrace (has its roots from a Scandinavian word hugga which means to console and comfort. Again a hug is a great opportunity to do good to everyone. Are you one of those people who likes to hug? Are you one of those people who prefers not to be hugged? I was at a Women's Conference and the Speaker had us to stop and hug three ladies and we had to hug for what seemed like an eternity. Now I consider myself a hugger. But I was actually uncomfortable at 1st. By the third person I was able to really accept the no strings attached showing of love and comfort. I am challenging each Neighbor who is listening to this ThePorch2 Podcast to start a hugging ministry. The ministry will take place in your home. For those of you that have older children and this is not a normal part of your family interaction, you may have to become creative. For example you may have to walk up and bear hug them. Husband and wives this should be done not as a prelude to intimacy but to cause each other to feel really cared for and to let them know that you are concerned about them. Hopefully you will share how this Life Assignment caused communication to open up in your family. In this week's episode on ThePorch2,we are speaking about giving and receiving hugs. After the hearing the message you will have to ask yourself if you agree that hugs are beneficial. You will have to see if your family relationships have benefited and improved. If so I would invite you to expand the Life Assignment to your extended family and your Church family. Of course you may need to share this Podcast episode with them so that they can understand this concept known as Hug Therapy. We all need more goodness in our life and we should all want to add more goodness for our Neighbors (Family, Friends and those we meet along the way). How awesome is it that we take such a simple inexpensive gesture and also have the opportunity to be in line with GOD's word (Gal 6:10) above. We encourage you to share this ThePorch2 Podcast link with a family member or friend (#Neighbor) , we truly believe that this episode is providing them with applicable information to improve their lives. Then we want to invite you and your invited #Neighbor to get yourself a #MasonJar of water, lemonade or tea and come along this learning journey with me and all the #Special #Neighbors joining us today for this week's ThePorch2 episode. We look forward to you and the #Neighbors you invited sharing how you put the #MasonJarWisdom into action by #DoingSpecialThings #2UpLiftAll. . Again, we thank each of you #Neighbors for being a part of ThePorch2 Podcast today. We thank GOD for the opportunity to share with you. We invite you to stay connected with us on ThePorch: Home Of The I AM Special Movement (Facebook Page). We want you to know and remember that you are #Special to us here on ThePorch2; but more importantly; you are #Special to GOD Almighty (Duet 7). We look forward to your visit with us next week as we return to ThePorch2 for our upcoming message and the contribution it will make in your life. To learn more about StormTalk365 Radio Network visit Music: You're The One by Ricky Lawler The Singing Preacher You can download this Podcast for future reference. We hope that when you listen to the Initial play or the replay that you have your note-taking device (paper & pen [or pencil] or technical device) available; and your ice-cold Mason Jar of water lemonade or tea and you are ready to come along on this learning journey with me (and all the Neighbors) as we get our weekly dose of #MasonJarWisdom from #ThePorch2 APPRECIATION: We truly thank you for visiting with us on #ThePorch be it your 1st time or yet another time!! For ADVERTISEMENT opportunities contact: Ms. Jamise Wilson at For BOOKING opportunities contact MsMyra at #YouAreSpecial & You have #SpecialThingsToDo (as your part) in the #IAMSpecialMovement mission: #2UpLiftAll Tags: #HugsDoAPersonGood #ThePorch2 #StormTalk365Radio #2UpLiftAll #MasonJarWisdom

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