Trust What God Allows w/ Coach Ellis - Pet Blessings

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Trust What God Allows w/ Coach Ellis - Pet Blessings Today we talked about the practices of "Pet Blessings." Many churches offer a special time of dedicating and blessing animals. Is this practice biblical? Is it even relevant or is it something we do to satisfy our own agendas. What about those who bless animals more than they bless other people? Let's talk about it, because I might be wrong (I don't think so, but it is remotely possible). Trust What God Allows This podcast looks at the things that are happening in the church and determining what God has to say and how HE gets the glory. If indeed “ALL THINGS” work for the good, then sometimes we need help seeing how. Each Sunday afternoon, Coach Ellis dissects cultural trends, church missteps, church absentmindedness, and church folks in an attempt to show how God gets the glory. Many times church folk and church leaders, form an opinion based on a narrow view of the issues. Coach helps ask empowering questions to help clarify the “rest of the story.” Coach is appreciative of the work that STormTalkRadio365 has done to help him reach a new audience with this platform. Remember, nothing surprises God, either he orchestrated it or HE allowed it to happen. Either way, we must learn to Trust What God Allows…. Email: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @trstwhtgodallwz Spreaker:

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