3 | Living, studying and successful life abroad w/ Matej Czuczor & Fran Vrkljan


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Fran Vrkljan & Matej Czuczor share their story about living and studying abroad. On the way, there are always obstacles yet in conclusion, as we look back we can see how worth it was. How much we have learned, how much we have changed, and how many amazing people we have met. All of this would not be possible if we would not make a decision about leaving everything temporarily behind and take such a big step to unknown. Both of us face difficulties. Yet you are never facing problems alone. in our case besides our friends and family, we had the help of study agencies. From Slovakia, I used services of https://scandinavianstudy.sk/ and Fran used https://bhvedu.com/ and both of us are where we are now definitely also because of them

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