7 | Origins, Discipline & Cyber Security w/ Eimantas Levanavicius


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By meeting new people you can only gain. One of the best pieces of a podcast created by USH creative agency up until now! The whole story takes turns through different topics. and describe most in-depth how Eimantas enter the field of his interest. We would never get to hear this story and we would be never able to record this podcast if we did start chatting with him in a bar . Who is not interested in hacking? we did not know at that moment that he is gonna join us our guest on the podcast and provide so much value. It's a pleasure to share

Story on the go Episode 7 Guest: Eimantas Levanavicius, Senior Security Specialist at F-Sea


The Location of the podcast is in a small cafe in the city center of Copenhagen. The place is called Pisserenden number 8. The first time I have to enter this place was 3 months ago when my friend was visiting and we wanted to have some tea in rainy weather. When I entered the place the atmosphere hit me immediately. besides having a nice tunes playing in the background and pleasant employees to interact with. Sitting on a low chair or a cushion on the ground is something I just love. Besides a variety of tea which caught my attention they also serve amazing brunches which I am personally a sucker for. And the biggest highlight of the place must be a TV placed in the window on which you can play Marion on an old Nintendo. These small details are in my opinion what create a truly great place to hangout.

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