e001- " Stop Selling and Start Listening "|Ed Bilat with Duncan Bureau, President at Air Canada Rouge


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Duncan Bureau was appointed President, Air Canada Rouge in May 2018 with overall responsibility for all aspects of Air Canada's low-cost carrier and subsidiary, focusing on Air Canada Rouge's distinct brand and culture. He was previously Vice President, Global Sales, a role held since joining Air Canada in June 2014 where he had responsibility for the airline's revenue generated across all sales channels from all global points of sale, and sales distribution strategies worldwide.


  • How Duncan got into sales and the importance of finding mentors early in your career|
  • How to overcome the fierce competition inside the Aviation industry|
  • Why you need to tell your own story and not rely on anybody else|
  • The Tooth Fairy Story which went viral|
  • Why Listening is more important than Selling? |
  • What challenges are facing many of today’s sales leaders|
  • What does the Art of Storytelling mean for Air Canada Rouge President|


[00:09] Introduction

[01:13] Welcome Duncan Bureau

[01:20] Breaking the passenger volume record August 4, 2018

[01:58] Type of business success stories that inspires Duncan

[04:09] Circle 1: Vast sales experience

[04:41] How he got into sales

[05:38] Surrounding himself with capable people

[05:58] Challenges Duncan faced early on in his career in sales

[07:15] His tactics and habits in sales

[07:42] Building relationships and trust

[08:27] Less talking, more listening

[09:03] Sales failure that helped him to improve

[09:27] Understanding the process

[10:12] Inventing a personality

[11:06] Circle 2: Passion for the Aviation industry

[13:50] Competition in the aviation industry

[15:18] Type of stories that excite Customers and Partners

[15:27] Tooth Fairy Story

[17:01] Circle 3: Leadership

[17:34] Experiences that helped him grow as a leader

[18:13] Having mentors

[19:47] His successes leading Air Canada Rouge team

[20:59] Challenges facing today’s sales leaders

[21:10] “Stop selling and start listening”

[21:41] The Art of Storytelling

[22:40] Outro

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