e002- " Can AI drive intimacy with Customers?" | Ed Bilat with Russell Scherwin, Chief Marketing Officer at IBM Watson Commerce


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Leading commerce strategy, sales, marketing, and consulting teams for over 20 years, Russell has worked with hundreds of organizations in shaping go-to-market strategies and execution plans. With a passion for technology’s socio-economic impact, Russell is known for expertly fusing economics, strategy, humor, and leadership into a deeply relevant, and entertaining message.


  • How Russell made the unlikely move from software engineer into sales
  • Why all sales are transitioning into the Consulting mode
  • Why Maximizing outcome while Minimizing effort is the only thing that matters
  • How can you use AI to drive intimacy with Customers?
  • How does storytelling help drive sales in digital commerce
  • Why did Carhartt’s sales (a U.S.-based apparel company founded in 1889) skyrocket after “Interstellar” movie release
  • What is the Game Changer for online selling today?
  • What challenges are facing many of today’s sales leaders
  • What does the Art of Storytelling mean to Russell Scherwin?

    [00:31] Intro and Our Guest’s profile

    [01:28] Welcome Russell Scherwin

    [01:35] GPS analogy

    [02:22] Vast sales experience

    [04:28] Software Engineer going into Sales?

    [05:04] Personal motivation

    [05:08] Transitioning to the Consulting model

    [06:05] Mistakes people make in sales

    [06:28] Qualification and time management

    [09:23] Maximizing outcome while Minimizing effort

    [09:41] Learning to depend on other people

    [09:59] How to build great teams

    [10:40] Why the Technology industry?

    [11:38] Why AI?

    [12:34] Using AI to drive intimacy with Customers

    [17:19] Sequencing products with the consumer’s want

    [17:26] How AI functions in the modern day commerce space

    [19:01] How Storytelling helps sales

    [22:20] Leadership circle

    [22:45] Learning from others

    [23:08] “Trust but Verify”

    [23:22] How to Hire great people

    [23:46] Factors that make up an A-player

    [24:54] Suit profile to the type of market

    [26:11] Intellectual curiosity

    [25:59] What does the Art of Storytelling mean to Russell?

    [27:54] Contact information

    [28:30] Outro

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