e005- " How to use Storytelling to build relationships and trust".| Ed Bilat with Bill Jensen, Group Vice President at Mediacom Communication


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As the leader for 500+ great employees, Bill Jensen always strives to be a difference-maker for the people who work with him at Mediacom. He enjoys developing managers and supervisors in reaching their full potential as well as creating a true TEAM atmosphere in administrative as well as field operations. Bill focuses on excellence and attention to detail as well as "doing it right the first time.


  • How to use storytelling to build relationships and trust
  • How to formulate a Multibillion-dollar investment strategy?
  • How Bill comes up with Stories that excite his customers and partners
  • History of a cable industry
  • How Sales Leaders Sell
  • Can you use Storytelling to motivate people?
  • The mindset you need to compete today
  • The importance of preparing your stories ahead of time
  • Why there is a shortage of qualified applicants?
  • What does the Art of Storytelling mean to Bill?


[00:07] Introduction

[01:26] Welcome Bill

[01:49] Business stories that inspire him

[02:06] Multi-billion dollar investment strategy

[03:32] Cable industry

[04:12] How Bill got into the cable industry

[06:16] Local access television studio

[07:13] High-speed data and video-on-demand

[07:20] Fierce Competition in the cable industry

[08:35] 18-inch dishes

[08:49] Telephone companies

[09:47] Video, high-speed internet, telephony

[10:08] Stories that excite his customers and partners

[13:20] Why manage people?

[13:28] The role his father played

[13:57] Leadership opportunities

[14:54] Responsibility, patience, and experience

[15:20] How leaders sell

[15:41] Selling everyday

[16:18] Motivating people

[17:32] Leading and teaching by example

[20:00] Preparing ahead of time

[20:17] Challenges facing today’s leaders

[20:36] Shortage of qualified applicants

[21:51] The necessary skills for graduates and applicants

[23:27] The art of storytelling

[23:37] Inter-personal communication

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