Episode #005-Building a new kind of Business| Ed Bilat and ItsPayd CEO Ken Green


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Building a new kind of Business

Ed Bilat and ItsPayd CEO Ken Green on finding your own story.

Ken Green is founder & CEO of ItsPayd, an automated payment platform utilizing cutting-edge technologies to give control back to a company’s billing processes as well as providing users a peace of mind knowing their invoices are confidential and affordable. Prior to ItsPayd, Ken was CEO of a commercial collection agency and has over 20 years of executive leadership experience.

With his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, he stays ahead of various industry needs providing services to improve efficiency while keeping the end user in mind.

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT IN THIS EPISODE: · How Ken decided on his 2015 goal for building a new kind of business in the most conservative industry of all: The Collection Industry · How the business success story of Uber Inspired Ken in the early days · What challenges are facing many of today’s sales leaders · How Ken applied the Art of Storytelling for his company growth · The importance of setting clear revenue targets

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