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This episode is soooo important if you are looking for meaningful gifts this Christmas (or if you just want to treat yourself and give back at the same time!).

Jody Vassallo has some mad skills when it comes to creating healthy recipes. She’s worked with everyone from Donna Hay to the Jamie Oliver franchise, and there’s every chance that if you’ve bought a recipe book in the last 20 years, you’ve seen recipes that have been developed by her or styled by her. And that’s not all – she is also a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic coach, so you know that her own work is always about nourishing meals and healthy, wholefood cooking. Her own cookbooks, Beautiful Food and The Yogic Kitchen, are legendary, and well worth a look.

BUT… That’s not even why I’ve invited her on the show! You know… sometimes you come across someone who is just a bloody good human. And Jody is also one of the most generous and giving people I know. When times are tough she steps it up, gathers her people and launches into action. Recently the drought in many rural areas of Australia escalated to a point where farmers were undergoing unprecedented grief and suffering. And she saw an opportunity.

And so Farmer – The Cookbook was born – a fundraising effort that will honestly knock your socks off.

In this show, find out what drove Jody to create this book, how she called in the big guns (um… helloooo Jamie Oliver!) and then worked tirelessly to create something really special. Something which is giving back hundreds of thousands of dollars to our farmers.

Want to grab your copy of Farmer The Cookbook?

You can purchase it via the usual outlets like book stores and Booktopia.

And you can also order your copy through the Farmer Chuffed page here.

If you want to see more of Jody’s work you can check it out here.

And the wonderful PR genius that is Odette Barry, mentioned in the podcast, can be found here.

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