Episode 58: Multi Family Investing in Chicago’s Northwest Side with Gloria Weikert


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One of the most important allies to an investor is the broker they work with. Gloria Weikert runs the X-Plus team and has a specialty in helping clients buy investment properties. In today’s episode, Gloria gives some insight on what it takes to win deals in a competitive market that go past just offering more money; breakdowns of different neighborhoods; tenant and rental profiles in varying neighborhoods as well as plenty more. Listen in and if you liked what you heard, or learned something today, give us a 5-star review and share us with a friend.

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Guest: Gloria Wiekert of X-Plus Realty

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Guest Questions

Strategies to win deals in a competitive market.

What does the market look like in the north Chicago neighborhoods? 5:45

Who are going to be the sellers in this market? 8:25

Are you able to find two units on the northside that make sense? 9:40

How do you handle clients who come and want to see a two flat with a non conforming unit? 11:20

Overview of the Avondale area? 13:30

Rental Expectations in Avondale? 16:15

Tenant profile on the west end of Avondale? 17:15

Escalation Rider explanation. 22:20

How do the rents change as you move south from Avondale? 27:45

Where are some people looking that are up and coming? 32:30

How do you see the future of the Loop? 35:50

What expectations do you give new buyers? 37:30

What is your competitive advantage? 39:30

Advice for new investors? 40:10

Wrap Up Questions

What do you do for fun? 40:30

Self Development recommendation? 41:30

Local network recommendation? 42:10

How can we learn more about you? 42:55

That’s our show! Thanks so much for listening. Tune in next week.

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