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Boris Johnson has won a landslide election proving the British people want Brexit and want a hardline, perhaps conservative approach to the deals yet to be made. Boris has many decisions to make and a lot of Britains future is uncertain with new alliances and old tensions brewing in the liberation of British people from the political and economic bureaucracy of the European Union.
To talk to us about this, in a general discussion, is Commodore Pat Tyrrell OBE RN (Retd), Pat is Chair of the SIA Advisory Board, Senior Non-Resident Fellow Global & Maritime Security.CDRE Tyrrell is Director of Vale Atlantic Associates which specializes in the provision of high-level, strategic consultancy in several fields including cyber warfare, security, intelligence analysis as well as current research in technologies applicable to defence and the intelligence world. He holds the Order of the British Empire, a Master of Arts degree in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Laws.
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