Integrating Spring Boot with Apache Kafka ft. Viktor Gamov


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Viktor Gamov (Developer Advocate, Confluent) joins Tim Berglund on this episode to talk all about Spring and Apache Kafka®. Viktor’s main focus lately has been helping developers build their apps with stream processing, and helping them do this effectively with different languages. Viktor recently hosted an online Spring Boot workshop that turned out to be a lot of fun. This means it was time to get him back on the show to talk about this all-important framework and how it integrates with Kafka and Kafka Streams.

Spring Boot enables you to do more with less. Its features offer numerous benefits, making it easy to create standalone, production-grade Spring-based applications that you can just run. The pattern also runs inside the Spring framework for a long time. The Spring Integration Framework implements many enterprise integration patterns and also has a pre-built Kafka connector.

Spring Boot was highly inspired by a 12-factor app manifesto that allows you to write portable apps and extract the configuration, providing different profiles for you to customize your deployment.

This is a critical part of the Kafka client infrastructure. Even though it's a Java client, Confluent offers a native Spring for Apache Kafka integration for the configuration as a springboard inside Confluent Cloud. If you try to connect your application, you can copy a snippet and place it directly to your Spring application, which works with Confluent Cloud. Now, he’s working on bringing Spring Cloud Stream like YAML-based configuration into Confluent Cloud too so folks can easily copy and paste to work out of the box.

To close, Viktor shares about an interesting new project that the Confluent Developer Relations team is working on. Stick around to hear all about it and learn how Spring and Kafka work together.


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