102: ✔️ How to Set Goals and Actually Reach Them + The Compound Effect


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Let's chat about New Years Resolutions. Did you know less than 10% of people actually follow through on the goals they set at New Years? I want to ensure you don't end up like the 90% who abandon their goals and that's why in this episode of Dialed Health, I share simple steps you can take today that will help you actually stick with and reach your goals in 2022. I chat about why you shouldn't waste time planning things perfecting, the importance of having clarity by setting specific and timely goals, and why you should only focus on taking the first step and nothing else. Plus, you'll learn the principles behind both the compound effect and the ripple effect and how utilizing both is a complete game changer when it comes to reaching your goals. I also answer a listen question focused on getting over your fears after a hard crash. What I discuss: 5:00 - Why you shouldn’t spend too much time on a plan 9:00 - Why you should focus only on the first step 13:00 - The Compound Effect 24:00 - The Ripple Effect 30:00 - The importance of writing down your goals 40:00 - Listener Questions 47:00 - Weekly thoughts with Derek Get more content from me daily: @dialed health Get your training plans here: www.dialedhealth.com

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