104: 🍔 Practical Nutrition Tips for Fat Loss


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Who doesn’t want to start off 2022 by losing the holiday weight?! That’s why in this episode of The Dialed Health podcast, I dive into my best practical tips for fat loss. This episode is planned perfectly to go along with the Dialed Health Shred, our annual fat loss initiative to start your year off right. We give you the tools and education to learn how to fuel your workouts while also dropping body fat. Plus, I dive into member questions and my weekly thoughts. This week, I answer: Why am I getting low back pain on the bike and is there a difference between doing squats on a smith machine versus free weights? Lastly, for my weekly thoughts, I dive into the everesting I did over the New Year (because why not start the year off by doing 117 laps up a neighborhood hill?!). What we discuss: - How to anticipate plateaus - Prioritizing grocery shopping - Keeping it simple - Evaluating tracked meals - Swapping not eliminating - Consistency and moderation are best friends - Practice before going full send - Willingness to change - Social impact on your nutrition Sign up for the Dialed Health Shred: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnL-q_mLQXJ5uO_9j_UMWFUZ2fGUO4LI1BOP-iANCe_QRaLQ/viewform January 3rd is your last chance to sign up!

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