114: 👏🏻 Derek's Story and the Creation of Dialed Health


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If you're looking for motivation to take steps in your own life towards the life you really want to live, this episode is for you. We chat about all the highs and lows on the journey towards building Dialed Health. Hint: It wasn’t roses and butterflies for Derek to get to where he is.

Derek shows us how sometimes we need to put up with the dirty work and not be afraid to work our asses to get to where we want to be. Many of us expect our journeys to be linear, when in fact, it’s going to require a lot of ups and downs to get to where we want to be. But, with passion and persistence, and a hard work ethic, we can accomplish so much more than we realize.

We start the podcast off by going all the way back to Derek’s high school and pro riding days, how he met his wife Lish, how he decided to make the transition from racing to personal training, and how the idea of Dialed Health was formulated.

We then dive into the progression of the business, Dial Health as a whole today, and the continued progression we are striving towards for the future of Dialed Health.

What we discuss:

3:00 - Derek’s goals out of high school

5:00 - How Derek got into health and wellness

6:00 - The reason Derek stopped racing

12:00 - How Derek met his wife

15:00 - Derek breaking into the personal training industry and the struggles that came with it.

25:00 - The growth of Derek’s personal training career and online training

40:00 - Starting a business

50:00 - The hit of COVID

1:00:00 - What helped Derek mentally get through these stressful times

1:04:00 - The biggest mistakes Derek made on the journey

1:07:00 - The current state and future of Dialed Health

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