115: Jesse Melamed: How to Train like an Enduro World Series Champion + How to Have Your Perfect Enduro Stage Race


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In this episode, I am joined by one of the top riders in the world, Jesse Melamed. Jesse is a professional enduro racer who is currently ranked third in the world based on his standings last year in the Enduro World Series, one of the important races in enduro riding. And in 2020, Jesse actually won the series. With all of that being said, in my opinion, he's one of the best riders on a trail bike period. I wanted to have Jesse on the podcast because he nerds out about off-bike and on-bike training as much as I do. He loves the whole process it takes to get to that end result, flawless riding and standing on the podium. Jesse chats through what he does in the off season for training, his strength training plan, his views on nutrition, and how to have your perfect enduro race stage. What we discuss: 12:00 - Taking time off from riding 16:00 - XC bike tires/geometry/brakes 21:00 - What training looks like as a top riding 28:00 - Comparing training plans to other riders 35:00 - Strength training 45:00 - Kettlebell training 58:00 - Habits for optimal health 1:00:00 - Nutrition 16:00 - How to race your fastest enduro line 25:00 - Rapid fire questions Don't forget to head over to RemedyCoffee.com and use DIALEDFAM (all caps) to get 15% off some killer coffee!

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